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We know of no other high quality, stand-alone, compact commercial biodiesel-processing unit to match the BioCube.

No other machine makes commercial biodiesel processing so accessible or so affordable.

BioCube undergoing commissioning trials

BioCube undergoing commissioning trials

Most biodiesel processed today is done by large centralised refineries costing multi-millions of dollars and taking years to construct. They consume high amounts of energy both in the refining process and in bulk transportation of feedstock over long distances.

At the other end of the scale, there are ‘Heath-Robinson’ garage kits and batch process units for individual pioneers – there’s very little in the middle.

Of the mini-refineries that exist, most cost between US$2-10 million and are permanent fixtures subject to feedstock pricing pressures from nearby growers once completed.


The BioCube is easily transported and operational within 48 hours of arrival

The BioCube™ costs around 15% of the cheapest mid-sized refinery, takes a fraction of the space, and is ready to use from day one.

It is highly energy-efficient, using its own biodiesel to operate and processing feedstock at rates equivalent to much larger refineries.

It can be carried by truck to remote communities and plantations distanced from main road or rail infrastructure.

The BioCube at Caboolture Pongamia plantation, QLD Australia

The BioCube at Caboolture Pongamia plantation, QLD Australia showing input oil totes

The BioCube™ solution is scalable and flexible – you can simply add more BioCubes to match demand. This is particularly valuable for plantation owners producing a gradually increasing yield as the plant reaches maturity.

Other advantages of the BioCube™ include:

Robust: specially modified 20′ sea container housing

Compact: the size of a 20ft container; 3.5 tons dry weight

Versatile: ideal for farmers, plantation owners, cooperatives, universities, fleet operators, mining companies, municipalities and multiple commercial applications in power, transportation, telecommunications and more

Scaleable: is modular so can be used as one, two, three or more units according to need: useful for large plantations where the yield from maturing young crops is unpredictable

Flexible: able to handle a  variety of feedstock with minor change-over procedure

Transportable: easily transported by ship, rail or truck and easy to relocate if required

Low maintenance: consumables such as the catalyst are supplied in safe, tamper-proof  containers

Efficient: 4-6 litres per minute, equivalent to 250-350 litres per hour of high grade biodiesel producing > 1 million litres per annum

Profitable: comparable to the cost of a piece of agricultural machinery, the BioCube™ is capable of delivering break-even financial performance within 18 months

Self-powered: runs on its own biodiesel with no need for external electricity supply (although an on-grid option is available too)

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