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Our BioCubes are manufactured to order. Current lead time to delivery ex-factory is 3-9 months from receipt of deposit depending on order pipeline (allow more time for shipping). Our policy is 50% deposit due with Purchase Order, 50% on delivery ex-factory.

Book your place in line: Your position in the manufacturing line can be secured by payment of a non-refundable deposit of US$10,000, redeemable against the purchase price of the machine on delivery.

To order your BioCube, please send us an email with your name, company and contact details.

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If you have questions about the economic viability of the BioCube for your specific needs please contact the BioCube Consultancy group. This group will evaluate your individual situation and gauge the probable success of an implementation. We will check your cost of feedstock, catalyst, consumables. We will study your geographic location and climatic conditions to make sure you have the BioCube which will work in your specific situation. This is a no obligation service provided free of charge.

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