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Compact Conversion Technology

The BioCube is a patented unit, developed from a continuous design process spanning six years and five field-tested prototypes.  The result is a design-engineered machine that combines production quality and efficiency with safety and ease of use. Engineered within a specially modified 20′ sea container the BioCube can operate independently, off the electricity grid, with power supplied by a B100-rated diesel engine that can run on the biodiesel the BioCube produces. The choice of an on-grid or hybrid versions based on a three-phase, 240v system is available for customers with access to reliable electricity.

Early CAD of BioCube pumps

The BioCube has a state-of-the-art touch screen interface that provides semi-automated controls for ease of operation.

The BioCube™ employs several unique components designed by The BioCube Corporation that significantly enhance the efficiency of the transesterification process. These include in-line heating, mixing, reaction tank, tailor-made vacuum separation and methanol recovery control systems.

BioCube Prototype showing pumps

Subject to correct usage and regular maintenance according to recommended guidelines, the BioCube is designed to operate for 20,000 hours between overhauls. OEM warranties on components are typically up to three years. BioCube Corporation provides a comprehensive 12-month warranty on all systems and components manufactured and designed by BC.

Oil and chemical pumps with filter and in-line heater

Oil and chemical pumps with filter and in-line heater

For customers that need it, BioCube Corporation can provide or recommend appropriate ancilliary equipment such as expellers and storage equipment to work with different feedstocks to maximise the efficiency of the BioCube.

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