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Feronia signs agreement to purchase first BioCube for Africa

The BioCube Corporation confirms Feronia Inc., an agribusiness operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), has purchased the first BioCube machine for use in Africa. Having acquired its 104 year old palm oil business, Plantations et Huileries du…more

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BioCube wins Innovative Green Technology Award

The BioCube Corporation is pleased to announce that it has won the prestigious Global Innovative and Friendly Energy Solution Award at the recent Biofuels 2014 Conference held at The Mansion, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, India from 5 November. The Award…more

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BioCube Corporation (BCC) formalizes manufacturing Partnership with CBVL Robotics...

The BioCube Corporation took another significant step forward with the signing of a contract to manufacture the BioCube with CBVL Robotics Inc, of Coquitlam, BC, Canada. CBVL and BCC have been working closely together on the design and manufacture of…more

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Queensland University of Technology Supports Commercialisation of the BioCube...

Molendinar, Queensland Australia The BioCube 250™ at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) sustainable fuels pilot plant at Mackay has been fully commissioned and QUT with BFP have applied for a grant from the Queensland Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund to…more

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Queensland University of Technology orders first BioCube™ 250

Molendinar, Queensland Australia The Biofuel Partnership is pleased to confirm that the first BioCube™ 250 will be supplied to the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). The machine, the first production model of the BioCube™, will be leased to QUT for…more

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2010: the Decade of the BioCube™

Molendinar, Queensland Australia As we enter the new decade, the BioCube™ is about to create a significant impact in the field of distributed biodiesel processing.   The BioCube™ has successfully completed initial field trials in Lae, Papua New Guinea where…more

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2010: Bringing the BioCube™ to the World

Molendinar, Queensland Australia Commenting on the recent board meeting and successful management meeting held with the prospective Canadian JV partners in Australia, Chairman of The Biofuel Partnership Ltd, John Edwards outlined the key objectives for the coming year. “With high…more

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BioCube™ field trials commence

Molendinar, Queensland Australia The BioCube™ has successfully undergone extensive factory testing at The Biofuel Partnerships Research and Development Centre in Molendinar and is now being shipped to Papua New Guinea for field trials. “We’re delighted with the performance of the…more

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BioCube™ Receives Australian Safety Certification

The BioCube, the innovative community-sized Biodiesel processing unit conceived by The Biofuel Partnership, has passed the stringent Australian Operational Health and Safety standards certification requirements. “The BioCube™ has been meticulously designed and built to conform to the requirements of ISO…more

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Benchmarks achieved for BioCube

The Biofuel Partnership Limited has been making sound progress towards the commercialisation of the BioCube™ since the company was founded just over one year ago. At the time, the directors stated that the company had “designed and is ready to…more

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