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Hardcastle Restaurants sign agreement with BioCube Corporation

Feb 28th 2018

Gold Coast, Qld.

The BioCube Corporation is pleased to announce that a Letter of Intent has been entered into with Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited of Mumbai India, a partner of McDonald’s™ restaurants operating over 250 restaurants in 34 cities throughout West and Southern India. Hardcastle and BioCube plan to work together to develop wide scale conversion of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) into usable biodiesel.

BioCube and Hardcastle plan to pilot UCO conversion to biodiesel from selected restaurants in the initial stages, rolling out to the wider chain over time. Converting waste to value products and developing lower emission fuel inside India reflects the green sustainable goals of Hardcastle. The clean fuel produced will be used in Hardcastle’s fleet of cars and trucks, reducing the need for polluting fossil fuels and lowering emission levels. The BioCube will be at the heart of this distributed process, converting suitable waste to high quality biodiesel that can be used directly in any modern diesel engine without modification. The use of BioCube™ biodiesel will help address the regional air pollution issue by reducing carbon emissions. It also solves problems surrounding the responsible, safe management of waste oil.

The arrangement paves the way for a building and strengthening the relationship over time. In the wide-ranging letter of intent both companies commit to supporting each other’s brands and businesses and to collaborate to build success of the burgeoning opportunities in the sustainable low carbon economy in the region.

BioCube Corporation CEO, David Tait said:

“This arrangement marks an important step forward for BioCube in India. We have long understood the potential of India as a thought-leader in renewable alternative fuels. Hardcastle and McDonalds restaurants are the perfect example of an efficient ‘virtuous circle’ by converting their waste and renewable oils, into clean biodiesel through the BioCube. The result is added value through lower cost, lower harmful emissions and greater energy independence. Everyone at BioCube is excited to opening a new door into an exciting and vibrant arena.


About The BioCube Corporation

The BioCube Corporation Ltd is an unlisted public company.  The company designed, developed and manufactures the BioCube™; a compact, transportable and affordable community-sized biodiesel processor. The BioCube™ can process high quality biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstock that can be used directly in any modern diesel engines without modification. The BioCube fuels energy independence by making sustainable distributed biodiesel processing viable for commercial and community enterprises around the world. The company has operations in Queensland Australia, and Vancouver, BC Canada (for further information contact

About Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited

Hardcastle Restaurants Private India Ltd is based Mumbai India and is a large franchisee of Mcdonalds™ restaurants throughout the region.

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