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New Investment for the BioCube™

Molendinar, Queensland Australia

The Biofuel Partnership (BFP) is pleased to announce that it has secured an important new investor in Canada; the respected entrepreneur Peter Lacey of Calgary, Alberta.

Mr Lacey is President and CEO of Cervus Equipment Corporation, based in Calgary, Alberta. Cervus acquires and manages authorized agricultural, commercial and industrial equipment dealerships in Western Canada through 30 dealership locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  With turnover of $475M last year, the primary equipment brands represented by Cervus include John Deere agricultural equipment (for which it is the single largest distributor in the world), Bobcat and JCB construction equipment. Cervus also has interests in New Zealand and elsewhere in North America.

Mr Lacey said: “ The BioCube™ is an interesting machine. It presents a business model that may, in time, fit well with our distributorship network and expertise. There are agricultural communities that we serve in Canada and elsewhere that would be interested in the sustainable biodiesel processing capability that the BioCube™ provides”.

As part of the agreement, through Mr Lacey’s investment, BFP will grant distribution rights to Cervus for the BioCube™ in the Americas, subject to standard terms of agreement and once the BioCube has demonstrated its commercial viability with suitable feedstock in these markets.

“We’re delighted to have connected with such a prominent investor as Peter Lacey” said Peter Wilken, of BFP: “ He is highly respected in the financial community as a successful serial entrepreneur and brings a wealth of experience in the acquisition and distribution of agricultural machinery that is directly relevant to the BioCube™.  He is also a philanthropist with a history of establishing community projects in developing countries to help people improve their quality of life, which sits well with our corporate philosophy.”

“Although we still have to complete a comprehensive customer verification programme for the BioCube™ that will likely take the best part of this year, the relationship with Peter Lacey will provide invaluable expertise and coverage of the important Americas markets when the machine is ready to be taken for global distribution”.

The introduction was made through Peter Schriber of Energy Logics Group (ELG) and negotiated with BFP Directors Peter Wilken and Laurence Baum.

ELG are a pioneering renewable energy company established in the Philippines in 2005 currently in discussions with BFP. Part of the Delgado group, their latest project is a huge installation of solar-power facilities and wind farms in Luzon, in what could be the biggest deployment of such infrastructure and largest investment of a company in the country’s renewable energy sector.

Commercial Director Laurence Baum added: “ We are grateful to Peter Lacey for this important investment and to Peter Schriber for making it happen. These relationships present us with the opportunity to appeal to a wider investment community in Canada and to raise significant capital to accelerate the commercialisation of the BioCube™, which we shall pursue”.


About The Biofuel Partnership Limited:

The Biofuel Partnership Limited is an unlisted public company with shareholders in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America.  The company designed, developed and manufactures the BioCube™; a compact, fully integrated, community-sized biodiesel processor.

The BioCube™ can process high quality biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstock that can be used in all modern diesel engines without modification.  It makes biodiesel processing viable for communities in developing countries and helps create sustainable wealth enterprises that empower communities to determine their own destinies.

Headquartered in Molendinar, Queensland, Australia, the company has regional representation in Asia, the Pacific and North America and affiliates in Africa, South America and Europe.

For more information contact Christina Tan at The Biofuel Partnership.

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