International Distributors: India


BioCube Corporation offers consultancy services to customers though BioCube Enterprises. Typically these fall into three categories of customer service:

– Chemistry

– Logistics

– Operational Training and Maintenance

Chemistry services include recommendations on suitability of feedstock oils, pre-testing oils for FFA level and water content and post-testing FAME (biodiesel) samples for quality. This is typically for ASTM D6751 compliance against the traditional ‘Big 5’ measures including total and free glycerin, acid number and flash point. Our resident PhD Chemist has rigid testing protocols under laboratory conditions that produce results that are accurate predictors of third-party laboratory tests, at a lower cost. We can also have samples verified through one of the independent laboratories if required.

BioCube Enterprises can also provide design and engineering solutions such as site planning and supply chain logistics. Some customers have this capability in-house; others want help in preparing their site for a BioCube. BioCube Corporation can assist in an advisory capacity and by sending site engineers and technicians to make recommendations on site layout and preparation to create a safe and efficient platform for operating the BioCube.

NB. Legal requirements and permitting vary by country, province and situation. The BioCube is certified to exacting Canadian CSA safety certification standards. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all local permissioning regulations, and certification are met and that the machine is operated safely.

Transportation and shipping of the BioCube, spare parts and consumables such as filter mediums and chemicals can be handled by BioCube Enterprises on a fee basis, or managed through your local distributor.

As the footprint of BioCube usage expands we anticipate offering advisory online telemetry advisory services.

Operational Training and maintenance is the third area of service operations. For first-time customers, BioCube Corporation, or your local distributor, will typically send a BioCube engineer or Technician to help set-up and train your operators on the ground. With proper pre-planning and site preparation on the ground the BioCube can be commissioned and operating within 48 hours of arrival on site. The initial operating training programme takes 2-4 days.

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