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Distributed Processing

The BioCube delivers economic and environmental benefits by creating a renewable source of energy at, or close to, the point of harvest and consumption. It eliminates costly and polluting transportation of raw feedstock to large central refineries and distribution of finished product to market – often over large distances by road, rail or ship.

The BioCube is loaded on a truck and under way in under an hour

The BioCube is loaded on a truck and under way in under an hour

In the old days, horses were the machines and farmers put aside a portion of their land to grow hay for the horses. They had their own independent source of feedstock and it was consumed on site – they had greater control over their energy, at lower cost – and nobody complained about food vs fuel!

Design-engineered in a specially modified 20’ sea container, the BioCube is easily transported to fields, warehouses or any suitable flat concrete plinth anywhere in the world.'s unloaded and on its feet in an hour at the other end

…at the other end it’s unloaded and on its feet in an hour

So vegetable oil producers don’t need to transport their product over long distances to have their crops processed into biodiesel at a large, centralized biodiesel refinery – the BioCube becomes their very own mini-refinery – right on their doorstep.

The BioCube creates virtuous circles of prosperity. Suitable feedstock oil (similar to that used by the big refineries use) can be processed into high quality biodiesel (the same as the big refineries) right at the point of harvest or production. The biodiesel is consumed at or close to the point of production. For example, waste canola oil collected by a community is processed into biodiesel and used in that community to fuel agricultural equipment, heaters, diesel generators, trucks or any modern diesel engine.

Safe operation of the machine is paramount at all times

Safe preparation and maintenance of the site is paramount

The BioCube is a disruptive technology because it democratizes biodiesel processing by making it affordable and accessible to a large number of end users.

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