International Distributors: India

By-products and secondary markets

The by-products produced by the BioCube™ are glycerin and mulch from the plants, which can be used in anaerobic digesters, as fertiliser or processed in a simple mechanism to create fuel briquettes.

The BioCube™ features unique patent-pending design components including an innovative catalytic mixer, a revolutionary oil separation system and new flash evaporation technology. Each of these components has industrial market potential in their own right.

The BioCube Corporation is pursuing the interest shown in applying these technologies in large-scale manufacturing and across a wide range of other commercial applications. BioCube technology is capable of producing other valuable chemical products for uses other than alternative energy. Development of these secondary markets will be an important source of diversified growth in the years to come.

The BioCube Corporation is rapidly expanding from its Australia, Canada and Oceania heartland to supply orders from markets in all continents of the world.

We look to develop licensed manufacturing capability in markets with high enough demand for the BioCube™ to justify domestic manufacturing operations.

Fuelling Energy Independence