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FAQ: What other advantages does Biodiesel have?

One of the major advantages is the fact that it can be used in existing diesel engines with no modification required in most instances, and with minimal or no loss of operating performance.

In terms of fuel efficiency Biodiesel has virtually the same miles-per-gallon (MPG) rating as petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel is the only alternative fuel for heavyweight vehicles requiring no special dispensing and storage equipment. It blends easily and stays blended with petroleum diesel so it can be stored and dispensed wherever diesel is stored or sold.

In terms of combustibility and safety, Biodiesel has a very high flash point (300°F) making it one of the safest of all alternative fuels.

It’s the only alternative fuel that can actually extend engine life because of its superior lubricating and cleansing properties.

On the production side, Biodiesel is effectively carbon-neutral.

Finally, Biodiesel is the only renewable alternative diesel fuel that actually reduces major greenhouse gas components in the atmosphere.

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