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FAQ: Will Biodiesel totally replace diesel someday?

There are no global mandates or specific measures at this point to make biodiesel a requirement, however, many governments are actively encouraging the use of biodiesel blends and have issued mandates of their own. In most instances, producers are struggling to meet the demands of these mandates.

Examples of biodiesel blend mandates in force include; Columbia 20% by 2014, Germany 12% 2017, Australia 5% 2014, India 5% 2014, Canada 2% 2013.

There is growing pressure around the world for countries to conform to a minimum biodiesel blend mandate. At the moment, the pioneer work is being done by those governments with ‘green mandates’ from their electorate typically exacerbated by economic risk from the high cost of domestic fossil oil imports.

Because it is a cleaner burning, renewable fuel source, availability and usage will continue to increase.

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