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2010: Bringing the BioCube™ to the World

Molendinar, Queensland Australia

Commenting on the recent board meeting and successful management meeting held with the prospective Canadian JV partners in Australia, Chairman of The Biofuel Partnership Ltd, John Edwards outlined the key objectives for the coming year.

“With high demand for the BioCube™ from all corners of the globe, the company is focusing on the following strategic priorities:

  • Successful completion of field trials and manufacture design modifications if necessary
  • Capitalising the business to accelerate the production of the BioCube™, expand resources to meet demand, and continue to manage our own destiny
  • Delivering the highest quality manufactured units that meet our demanding reliability and efficiency standards
  • Establishing a powerful global distribution network with proven regional and domestic partners
  • Achieving managed sales growth with customer verification testing and supply chain management
  • Accelerating design development of the BioCube Power and 5000 models
  • Development and protection of the BioCube brand

“The development of a new machine design concept such as the BioCube™ is a complex process and we’ve achieved remarkable progress in the last year”, said Mr Edwards.

“We are now in the final field trial stage prior to manufacture of the machine and, simultaneously, in the process of establishing a powerful partnership that will help market and distribute the BioCube™ around the globe.”

Technical Director and founding father of the BioCube Sandy Kelly commented on future design developments:

“Design blueprints for the BioCube Power™ and BioCube 5000™ are on the drawing board. The BioCube Power™ will produce up to 120kva of power in addition to biodiesel, capable of providing electricity for 30 rural homes, or for putting back into the grid.”

The BioCube 5000™ is similar to base BioCube 2000™ model with increased production capacity capable of producing 400-500 litres of biodiesel per hour.

Commercial Director Laurence Baum noted the strong customer interest in the BioCube™:

“We receive calls virtually every day from customers asking where they can see a machine” he said.

“It’s tempting to take orders now, but for the soft launch we are being careful to select customers with whom we can conduct customer verification testing in an environment where the proper level of support services can be provided, for catalyst supply for example.”

The first manufactured BioCubes are scheduled for delivery end Q1 2010.

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