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2010: the Decade of the BioCube™

Molendinar, Queensland Australia

As we enter the new decade, the BioCube™ is about to create a significant impact in the field of distributed biodiesel processing.


The BioCube™ has successfully completed initial field trials in Lae, Papua New Guinea where it continues to undergo rigourous tests as part of a comprehensive performance verification programme that includes development of additional modules to enhance the BioCube’s ability to handle a wide range of feedstocks. The programme is scheduled to continue over the next six months.

“We’re delighted with the early trial results’, beamed Sandy Kelly, Technical Director and founding father of the BioCube “We’ve added more than 70 hours trouble-free operation in the field during extended period runs alone. These have vindicated the choices of materials and proven reliability in operation beyond normal limits of ambient temperature, feedstock quality and fuel. This is in addition to the extensive factory tests completed in Australia”.

We also had the opportunity to work in the field with expellers and raw oil of varying quality, which opens additional opportunities up to us. The field trials are a great success. The machine has exceeded our demanding expectations and is producing biodiesel from coconut oil harvested on site”, commented Kelly.

“Prior to the trials, the production design was reviewed and, despite the strength of our first BioCube™, we identified a few areas in which the design could be improved to reduce manufacturing costs and to use the space more efficiently. These have been well received by our manufacturing partner.

The BioCube™ has been designed in modules to maximize the manufacturing process efficiency and provide flexibility of choice to meet customer needs. Three engine options are available, and a number of feedstock preparation modules to enable the use of algae, waste cooking oils and oils with high FFA content, in addition to the ‘standard’ jatropha and coconut modules. There are also design options to permit the BioCube™ to provide electrical power, fuel or a mixture of both. The modular concept allows the BioCube™ to be rapidly tailored to suit the customer’s needs without incurring unnecessary additional expense; modifications can even be made at the distributor’s premises.

“2010 heralds the beginning of the ‘Decade of the BioCube™” said John Edwards, Chairman of The Biofuel Partnership.

“After three years in design and development, the BioCube™ is here, in the field and working well. We anticipate the demand for the BioCube™ to increase steadily throughout the coming years as awareness and usage grows.

We begin the new decade by entering into a new phase of our business; taking our product to market and satisfying the diverse customer base out there looking for accessible, affordable and efficient biodiesel processing.

Our sales programme hasn’t begun in earnest yet, however, based on what he’s seen, our customer in Papua New Guinea has confirmed his interest in purchasing three more machines, which is always a positive sign. We will build our business this way; one customer at a time.”

“The demand for alternative energy, in particular for liquid fossil fuel alternatives for transportation and industry will grow steadily throughout the decade as the price of fossil oil continues to rise.” predicted Director Peter Wilken.

“The BioCube™ will appeal to many markets but is likely to appear first in pioneering alternative energy markets. These markets seek greater energy independence and lower expensive imported fossil fuel costs with cleaner solutions that are less harmful to the environment and their people. They have a growing demand for energy and good feedstock growth conditions yet still have high levels of underemployment, particularly in rural areas. The BioCube™ is the perfect solution.”

The BioCube™ is being manufactured in Australia to supply early customer orders from Oceania, India, Australia and elsewhere. The company expects to have first manufactured models available for shipment by end March as forecast.

For enquiries please contact:

Laurence Baum T: (+61) 7 5527 9800


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