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Benchmarks achieved for BioCube

The Biofuel Partnership Limited has been making sound progress towards the commercialisation of the BioCube™ since the company was founded just over one year ago.

At the time, the directors stated that the company had “designed and is ready to construct a prototype biofuel pressing, processing and production unit … which produces Biodiesel directly from raw feedstock.”

The company’s chairman, John Edwards, revealed that the ‘proof-of-concept’ machine had now been completed and had been tested to the level where it was now virtually ready to be commercialised.

“All of this has been achieved in less than 12 months from our initial subscriber funding, which is a very fast time in which to reach this position from a standing start. The design is outstanding; it contains several world-class innovations and a patent has been applied for the machine,” he said.

“Overseas interest has been extremely strong, and at least one foreign government has expressed its desire to send an official delegation to inspect the BioCube™ and, potentially, place multiple orders.

“In our offer document last year, we anticipated that interest would come from the tropical regions of the world. This has proved to be the case. However, we have indications that our potential markets will also extend to more temperate regions.

“The Biofuel Partnership is now finalising negotiations with EDAG, a major international company with an operational base in Australia, to manufacture the BioCube™ for us here in Australia, and has received material assistance from several other international suppliers in the design of components for the BioCube,” Mr Edwards said.

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