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The BioCube Corporation

The BioCube Corporation (BC) is an unlisted public company, established in 2007, with proprietary technology in biodiesel processing. BC has operations in Queensland, Australia and Vancouver, British Columbia. It has regional representation in Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.

The company comprises a diverse group of successful businessmen, engineers and marketing, legal and financial professionals based in Asia, Oceania, North America and Europe. Directors who are actively involved own over 50% of the company, with the remainder held by private investors, and public investors through ASSOB (Australian Small Stock Offerings Board).

Our core business is the design, manufacture, distribution and support of a community-sized biodiesel processor called the BioCube™.

The BioCube™ has been developed with specialists in design engineering, agrochemistry and agronomy and manufactured by Parker Hannifin (Australia) and CBVL (Canada). The latest model is design-engineered within a standard 20′ ISO shipping container and weighs approximately 8,500 lbs (3.9 tons) dry weight, so is easily transportable.

The base model will process over 250 litres per hour of high quality biodiesel from a variety of feedstock oil such as waste vegetable oil (WVO), crude palm oil (CPO), canola/rapeseed, soya, corn, pongamia, coconut or tallow, ready for direct use in any modern diesel engine.

The BioCube™ can operate independently from the electricity grid, running on the biodiesel it produces, or on-grid where electricity is available. It conforms to stringent Canadian safety certification standards.

The BioCube™ is our customers’ very own green fuel station that provides them with the fuel and energy independence they seek.

Fuelling Energy Independence