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The Story

How the BioCube™ was born

The port town of Kimbe in Papua New Guinea may be an improbable place to inspire a global business, but that’s how it was.

Transported there on shipping business, we watched the local dock-hands toil as they loaded palm oil onto a ship bound for Singapore. The ships were taking it to be processed in the large offshore refineries there, then returning with the processed fuel.

“Surely there must be a better way” we pondered: “a way in which the seed can be processed locally and the value of the crop kept at home base where it’s needed most?”

Fast-forward to the present day.

Bringing the BioCube™ to the World

The BioCube has undergone field tests since November 2009 (in Papua New Guinea). Extensive trials have been conducted by our research partners Queensland University of Technology (QUT) at their bioenergy facility in Mackay, QLD since 2010 and at Olds College, Alberta since 2012.

The BioCube Corporation has placed development BioCubes in Papua New Guinea, India, Oceania and Canada; the first manufacturing model was produced in late 2013 and sales of this manufacturing model, the BioCube 250 began in early 2014.

BioCube 250’s now operate with different customers across four continents; Asia, Oceania, Africa and North America.

Delivery lead times range from three to nine months from receipt of deposit depending on location and order size.

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