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BioCube Corporation signs MOU with Sonamar SA for Haiti

Wednesday August 29th, 2012

Vancouver, BC, Canada


The BioCube Corporation is pleased to announce that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sonomar S.A, to establish a BioCube operation in Haiti.

Sonomar S.A is a Haitian-based corporation with an interest in providing much needed alternative energy to the country. In the agreement, Sonomar SA will act as sales agent and distributor for the BioCube™ in the early stages, with a remit to develop distributor partnerships in the country to help meet the energy demands of the population.

BioCube Corporation CEO, David Tait said:

“The impact of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010 in which over 200,000 people died is still being felt today; and there is a chronic shortage of energy for basic needs. The BioCube doesn’t promise miracles and it can’t solve all the problems overnight, but it can begin the process of helping communities provide a sustainable means for creating energy independence in the form of usable biodiesel.”

Alix Douyon, Managing Director of Sonomar S.A commented:

“The BioCube is a versatile machine that is robust, relatively easy to operate after training and above all – affordable. Because it’s compact it can be transported close to the source of feedstock supply for processing and the end product consumed close to the point of production” Stephanie Martelly Sirius a Principal of Sonamar added “We plan to produce biodiesel from waste vegetable oil (WVO) at first, then from sustainable energy crops such as jatropha. We are seeking partnerships to work together with us, and the Government of Haiti, with particular interest in the areas of distribution, agronomy, chemicals supply and aid.”

Steven Shore, P, Eng. Chief Technology Officer for Sonamar SA will provide engineering and technical support for the BioCube project on the ground in Haiti.

“We have an ambitious timetable” he said, “We’d like to see a BioCube here in Haiti before the end of the year”.


About The BioCube Corporation

The BioCube Corporation Ltd is an unlisted public company. The company designed, developed and manufactures the BioCube™; a compact, transportable and affordable community-sized biodiesel processor. The BioCube™ can process high quality biodiesel from a wide variety of feedstock that can be used directly in any modern diesel engines without modification. The BioCube fuels energy independence by making sustainable distributed biodiesel processing viable for commercial and community enterprises around the world. The company has operations in Queensland Australia, and Vancouver, BC Canada (for further information Contact Peter Wilken)

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