Fueling Energy Independence

The BioCube™ is a self-contained, transportable, mini biodiesel refinery that converts a variety of oils into biodiesel, to fuel your energy needs.

Introduction to the BioCube™

>1.5 Million Lts/Yr

Production capacity ranges from 250 to 500 litres per hour - equivalent to over 1.5 million litres per annum dependent on workday hours.

Distributed Processing

Biodiesel is processed at or close to the source of supply and consumption, eliminating costly, polluting transportation.

Turnkey Solution

The BioCube can be commissioned within 48 hours of delivery and operated independently after a short training program.

Origins of BioCube™

The idea of the BioCube™ was born in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. In Kimbe, local dock workers toiled as they loaded locally sourced oil aboard vessels bound for Singapore where it was to be processed then distributed for sale around the world. Meanwhile, foreign-owned, heavily polluting tankers lined up to off-load fossil fuels at prices locals could barely afford.

The sight of Papua New Guinea’s resources disappearing into the sunset and foreign entities pouring their expensive, polluting product into the community sparked the idea to challenge ‘big oil’ with a sustainable, environmentally friendly and commercially viable energy alternative.

The BioCube™ in Action