Vision of BioCube Corporation

The ambition of the BioCube Corporation is to democratise biodiesel processing by providing clean, sustainable and affordable energy independence through the BioCube™. BioCube Corporation aims to become the world’s leading supplier of distributed biodiesel processors. At the heart of this is providing efficient, robust and easy to use machines that process commercial quantities of high-quality biodiesel from renewable resources at, or close to the source of feedstock. We want the BioCube™ to become a universal means by which sustainable wealth creation enterprises are established. In the process, we strive to do good for our shareholders, our customers, the communities we serve – and the planet.

Origins of BioCube™

The idea of the BioCube™ was born in Kimbe, Papua New Guinea. In Kimbe, local dock workers toiled as they loaded locally sourced oil aboard vessels bound for Singapore where it was to be processed then distributed for sale around the world. Meanwhile, foreign-owned, heavily polluting tankers lined up to off-load fossil fuels at prices locals could barely afford.

The sight of Papua New Guinea’s resources disappearing into the sunset and foreign entities pouring their expensive, polluting product into the community sparked the idea to challenge ‘big oil’ with a sustainable, environmentally friendly and commercially viable energy alternative.

The concept was a containerised, stand-alone biodiesel processor that would be simple to maintain and operate, and could be powered either by, or independent of the grid. The aim was to create a machine capable of processing a diverse range of locally sourced oils into biodiesel. This machine would in turn create employment and provide communities with clean, sustainable and affordable energy independence.

Fast-forward to the present day and the BioCube™ is fulfilling its promise in communities and organisations across the world. By providing a clean, cost-efficient and a simple to use, mechanism to convert a range of sustainable oils into biodiesel – from used cooking oil to coconut oil and almost everything in between – the BioCube™ is fuelling energy independence.

Executive Team

Laurence Baum
Managing Director

Laurence is a co-founder of the BioCube Corporation Ltd. Laurence qualified as a solicitor in the UK and practiced law in Hong Kong for over 20 years where he specialised in litigation - specifically in construction disputes.

Christina Tan

Christina is a graduate of the University of New South Wales, an Associate of the Australian Institute of Management, an Associate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a Member of the Chartered Secretaries Australia.

Dr. Steve Reaume
Chief Technical Officer

Steve is a PhD, and Chemical Engineer from the University of British Columbia with specialist knowledge in biodiesel chemistry (his doctorate thesis was in solid acid resins). Steve also has Mechanical Engineering qualifications; a unique combination.

Dr. Saeed Zaki
Non-Executive Director

Dr. Saeed is an entrepreneur, public speaker and author with over 30 years of business management, planning and design experience. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he has successfully managed large multinational consulting firms in Thailand and Malaysia.