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There is no ‘Planet B’, so how do we look after ‘Planet A’?

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The Greta Thunberg Effect

In 2019, on an unprecedented scale, we saw a global movement to protest against climate inaction. The climate strikes that we saw around the world were championed by a 16-year-old girl, Greta Thunberg. “The Greta Thunberg Effect” has led to quantifiable change. The public discourse has obviously evolved with a stronger focus on sustainability, and there is evidence to show that more organisations than ever are involved in carbon offsetting. This growing change in the global sentiment, is a step in the right direction, but the question is, how do we ensure this momentum isn’t lost and how can we capitalise?

Where to from here?

If we leave the 2020 out of the equation, marking the positive environmental effects that COVID19 as an anomaly, we simply aren’t doing enough for our planet.

Our finite natural resources are diminishing, and extreme weather events are taking place more frequently as a consequence of our carbon emissions.

For world leaders to take action at the rate they need to, to slow this climate crisis, a financial and economic incentive is an imperative. The frequent, unfounded, criticism of Greta Thunberg is that she doesn’t understand this. However, instead of criticising a 16-year-old girl’s understanding of the global economy, these leaders could be leveraging “The Greta Thunberg Effect”. Instead of a steadfast defence of the ways of old, they could be recognising the turning of the tide, creating industry and ultimately make money!

The vision of the BioCube Corporation is to provide an obvious solution to those who are hesitant to break the mould of the traditional fossil fuel economy. To provide a means by which we can achieve sustainability, make money, all whilst not having to turn the entire system upside down.

For those that criticise the climate movement, it is the prospect of breaking away from the familiar and from the routine that is daunting, but this need not be the case. We certainly aren’t going to be going electric and eliminating fossil fuels overnight, however, we need to be more proactive in moving in the right direction.

Money Talks

The approach we take with those who object to the necessary change, is to be gentle in making a case which is nearly impossible to argue with, and that is to make money.

The BioCube™ is our asset which generates profit, protects industries that rely on fossil fuels, and yet has an unfaltering environmental agenda.

Among its many positives, the BioCube™ promotes agriculture, turns waste products (such as waste cooking oil), into commodities, creates employment, circular economies, requires minimal infrastructure, is mobile, scalable, and importantly, sustainable.

A movement towards carbon offsetting is a great start, but it is tokenistic at the end of the day. It is effectively a means of shifting the responsibility. Investing in technologies such as the BioCube is a tangible and accessible means by which whole communities can participate in going carbon neutral.

We all have our part to play in protecting this valuable earth. How are you making a difference or how do you want to help?

For us to work towards a greener future, we have to work together on things that are tangible. If you have ideas regarding sustainability and want to collaborate with the BioCube Corporation, contact us at [email protected]

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