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BioCube Co. Formalises Partnership with CBVL Robotics Inc., Canada

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The BioCube Corporation took another significant step forward with the signing of a contract to manufacture the BioCube with CBVL Robotics Inc, of Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

CBVL and BCC have been working closely together on the design and manufacture of the latest BioCube production machine since being introduced by Parker Hannifin. CBVL have facilities in Coquitlam BC, and Calgary AB, and specialize in design-engineering sophisticated, intrinsically-safe machinery for operation in the off-shore oil rigs of the Middle East and oils sands projects in Alberta amongst others.

“They are ideal manufacturing partners for BioCube” said CEO, David Tait. They bring relevant technology experience to bear in producing a machine that is pioneering new ground – there are very few manufacturers with the expertise to produce a machine like the BioCube. With CBVL’s help we have significantly advanced the quality and efficiency of the next generation BioCubes.

CBVL will lead the production of the latest generation of BioCube’s, based on a specially engineered 20’ sea container platform and capable of producing in excess of 250 litre per hour of high quality biodiesel compliant with ASTM D6751 given suitable feedstock oil. The BioCube comes in off-grid and on-grid versions, the former being powered by a B100-rated diesel generator that can run on the biodiesel the BioCube produces. The new machine is robust, fully transportable and easy to operate using a Siemens touchscreen interface. It is certified to stringent Canadian safety standards and can be fully operational within 48 hours.

Founder and President of CBVL, Ed Tycholaz said:

“The BioCube captured my imagination when I was first introduced to it as a machine that can transform the fortunes of others and as a project that we can bring our skills and experience to bear on. I am happy to have the BioCube as part of our portfolio and to enter into this partnership to develop and manufacture BioCubes. We see the potential to produce many more BioCubes, as well as ancillary equipment and are ready to meet the demand.”

Interest in the new BioCube is strong. The first manufactured model has already been completed, tested and shipped to a customer in Australia. Multiple machine orders are pending for machines in India, Oceania, Africa and South East Asia.

CBVL will supply BCC with BioCubes on a per order basis with the first initial units being covered by an equity arrangement up to an investment of A$1M from CBVL in BCC.

Chairman, Dennis Chisholm commented:

“CBVL, led by Ed Tycholaz, have been wonderful supporters of the BioCube – suffice to say we would not be where we are today without them. We now have a truly world-beating machine that combines high-tech engineering and componentry with an easy-to-operate user experience. It is trialed, has delivered consistently compliant ASTM biodiesel and is ready to go to market.”

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