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Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd (KOEL) India Sign Landmark Agreement with BioCube Co

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The BioCube Corporation is pleased to announce that it has signed a landmark agreement with Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd, India. Established in 1946, KOEL is the flagship of the Kirloskar Group and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines and diesel generator sets, with revenues of 2,396 Crores Rps equivalent to US$398M.

KOEL also offer engines operating on biodiesel. The Kiroloskar Green Genset is the market leader in power generation and telecom industry in India.

In a roadmap set out in the far-reaching agreement, there are number of benefits for both parties, working within India and other markets around the globe. Top amongst these is that BCC will use B-100 rated Kirloskar diesel engines in units assembled for the India market with KOEL providing on the ground maintenance and service support for these BioCube units through it’s extensive network of service facilities. It is reported there is nowhere further than 75kms from a Kirloskar service centre in India.

BC and KOEL will also work together to source ancilliary equipment and consumables used in the BioCube process.

The agreement provides for strengthening the partnership over time as the business develops, to include assembly and manufacture in market when demand requires it. BCC would also use Kirloskar products in other territories around the world. Both companies commit to supporting each other’s brands and businesses.

R.R Deshpande, Executive Director of KOEL, said:

“ There is a good fit between our diesel engine business and the BioCube. As India looks increasingly to renewable energy solutions we can meet the need for cleaner-burning, efficient engines that run on biodiesel and create demand for them through the BioCube. The BioCube produces the biodiesel for our engines and we can provide the infrastructure and service support for BioCubes as they are set up across the nation. With the ability to process biodiesel in remote areas off the electricity grid, we see biobiodiesel generator sets accompanying the BioCube to provide rural electrification”

BioCube Corporation CEO, David Tait said:

“This agreement marks a milestone in our relationship with India. Kirloskar is a world-recognized manufacturer of quality diesel engines and the partnership with such a distinguished company will be a considerable help in establishing our business in India. Importantly it provides us with the essential ability to service our BioCube customers in India; a significant challenge in such an expansive country. Kirloskar’s long-established presence in India and extensive network allows us to provide our customers with reliable service support systems from day one. The possibilities go beyond India, into markets like Africa, where a similar model can be executed.”

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