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BioCube™ field trials commence

Molendinar, Queensland Australia

The BioCube™ has successfully undergone extensive factory testing at The Biofuel Partnerships Research and Development Centre in Molendinar and is now being shipped to Papua New Guinea for field trials.

“We’re delighted with the performance of the machine in our testing facilities,” said Sandy Kelly, Technical Director and founding father of the BioCube™.

“After successfully satisfying the stringent Australian Health and Safety standards we’ve been steadily improving the machine with design modifications that improve the quality of Biodiesel produced, the ease of operation and reliability as we move towards our manufacturing model. The BioCube™ is now producing consistently high quality Biodiesel at the required volumes we specify and is ready for the next phase of field testing.”

Comprehensive field trials will be conducted in a location nearby Lae in Papua New Guinea over the next 6-10 weeks.

The site was selected after an extensive review of locations, including a weeklong site visit in August to Papua New Guinea.

“We were looking for a site that could provide us with both coconut and jatropha feedstock, and that presented a testing challenge for the BioCube™ that reflects the reality of the logistical, technical and operational challenges encountered in most developing markets.” Mr Kelly continued.

The Biofuel Partnership will have an on-the-ground presence for the beginning of the field trial and will oversee a daily reporting process on the performance of the machine.

“Inevitably, there will be learning that will further improve the final manufactured model – that’s what trials are for – nevertheless, our technical team have done a superb job of designing and creating a machine that is delivering against specifications and generating substantial customer interest in the market, ” Chairman, John Edwards said.

“Through these trials we will ensure that our manufactured units meet our demanding reliability and efficiency standards”.

With field trials due to be completed by the end of the year, first manufactured units of the BioCube™ are scheduled for delivery by end Q1 2010.

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